Photography & Portrait Services FAQ

Campli Photography Studio receives lots phone calls and inquiries about our photography studio and the services that we offer. Because of this, we decided to figure out what past, present and future clients wanted to know most. Here is what we've been asked most frequently:

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Q: What photography services do you offer?
A: Campli Photography Studio offers Portraits, Weddings, and Corporate Photography Services. What does this mean for the customer? When you break it down a bit further it looks like this: Portraits covers many styles and what we call life cycles. For instance: family portraits. Family portraits are photographed in the studio, on-location (like parks and beaches), or right in the comfort of your own home. We cover portraits for all walks of life, including children, infants, first holy communion, seniors, beach portraits and more. We are even seeing more and more boudoir and formal bridal portraits as well!

Q: How large of an event can Campli Photo cover?
A: For our Wedding and Events Photography Services,  we are prepared to handle both small and large events. Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah events are also part of our repertoire. We have photographed weddings and other events that were as small as 7 guests, and we have completed services for well over 500. Please click our weddings tab to see more about what we do for weddings

Q: Do you offer other types of services?
A: A part of our photography and portrait business that many of our clients don't even know we handle is corporate imaging. We don't actively advertise corporate photography in our studio. We offer services that include headshots, corporate branding photography and even product photography to brand and advertise your company or organization!

Q: How far are you willing to travel? 
A: It's no secret that we love Malvern. Just ask any store owner around town and they will tell you: the Campli mobile is always around town! That doesn't mean we don't like and aren't prepared for a field trip. As long as we can keep the music going in the car, we are just fine with road trips. Campli Photo does portrait and photography sessions at New Jersey beaches all summer long doing our Summer Fun Beach Portraits. We travel in and out of Center City Philadelphia quite a bit for assignments, and have also done shoots in Delaware, New York, Maryland, and Ohio. We've even been as far as Italy!

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: We've officially been in business for over 25 years. Campli Photography actually started in 1987, but was organized as a corporation in 1990.

Q: Do you have a studio? Where is it?
A: Yes we do! The Campli Photography Studio is located at 338 East King St. Malvern PA 19355 (across the street from the famous East Side Flats and Christopher's restaurant).
We firmly believe in the neighborhood in which we work (Malvern, PA), and our studio space reflects that. The Campli Photography Studio is definitely a trademark of our town. People have commented for years that they can tell the quality of our work based on the beauty and simplicity of our studio. Creating a beautiful and timeless environment for our clients to enjoy is of the utmost importance. A true reflection of us as business owners and photographers, from the front steps to the back garden.

Q: Are all of my digital files mine to keep from my portrait session?
A: As a complete portrait artist, our job is to make sure you look beautiful in your portrait. It's also our job to make sure your portraits are beautifully crafted: right down to the actual printed and framed image. Because of this, we don't give out every single digital image that we take. Please don't misunderstand: Campli Photography Studio wants you to show everyone you know how cool and beautiful your family is. Because of this, we will make sure that you and your family can post your photos on all of your favorite social media outlets, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Campli Photo simply asks that you let us provide you with that service. We'd prefer to provide the best quality images to most prominently convey the quality of our work.

Q: Do you have any special training or are you self taught? 
A: I (David) have formal training from the Antonelli Institute for Photography and Design. However, my training in photography goes back even further. Way back in high school, I caught the "photography bug". After my formal training I worked with the best of the Main Line, Kevin Raber. Kevin is now on to other ventures, but my time with him was an amazing education and working relationship.

Q: What should I expect on the day of my portrait session? How should I prepare?
A: For a portrait to actually portray you or your child or family, you must first be yourself. So let's decide on the phone or in a meeting, what you would like to portray. Is it a special outfit or age? Is there an environment you'd prefer (for example: the beach)? What is your motivation in purchasing Photography or Portrait Services?  The more details you can provide, the more we can bring you the "Campli Experience". 
However, don't overthink your session. Our professional and experienced photographers have some great ideas for candid portraits, and will help you decide what is right for you. Maybe you want a Large Traditional Canvas Finished Portrait that hangs over the mantle? Maybe your style is more contemporary with Standout Collages and Metal Prints. Campli Photographers love when you challenge us with a new idea or location.
Styling is extremely important; but so is making the styling look natural and organic. We'll help you and yours pick a theme, not an outfit. We don't want everyone dressing in matching clothes. Once the session starts, just forget about everything else and enjoy the moment. Being with your family for a portrait session is part of the experience. Campli Photography Studio guarantees that you will remember all the details of how the session unfolded every time you look at the finished portrait.

Q: Why should we pick Campli for our photography?
A: We feel that, with our track record and dedication to a positive client experience, our clients will be able to answer this question for themselves. Feel free to browse our reviews or ask previous clients about our services and their experience with our professionals.

If you have further questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, please Contact Us!