The Campli family finds the portraiture experience to be similar to that of fine dining. Sure, we offer compassionate service and a great product — but above all else, we believe in the experience itself. Because the memory hanging on your wall has to be reflective of your time spent with us. And we really hope that time was well spent. That’s why we encourage your involvement. After all, you wouldn’t chose an entree you didn’t like. We’ll walk you through every part of our process too. From technical composition to the aesthetic execution at your home. We do it all, from holiday cards to social media packages. We can accommodate anywhere from large parties to single head shots and we love to vary locations. But, as much as we love to travel, we have a place we call home. 338 E King Street in Malvern has been our studio location for the past quarter century and we'd love it if you stopped by.

Just as we value the experience, we also value the creative process in its entirety. We understand photography has become readily available to the world. And we love that. But we also have spent three decades perfecting our art form in search of our own, unique style. And we think we’re really close to it. Just as that fine dining restaurant won’t give you the recipe, we won’t give you our files. It’s nothing personal. It’s just because we believe there’s something magical about not knowing all the secrets.

We hope to join in an experience with you soon. 


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